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Best Stiga Ping Pong Table 2017 [Complete Review]

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September 28, 2017

Playing different games is one of the best pass time options. It not only makes the person active but also allows them to spend some happy moments with their friends and family.

Here we are going to check out the Best Stiga Ping Pong Table, for 2017. Ping Pong table is similar to the Table Tennis game, only that the names are different. People of almost all age-groups enjoy this game. You can set up this game at any place like the basement area, any gaming area along with other indoor games, or even at your office place.

While you are making a purchase of this table, you need to look out for the complete information of it. Let’s find out the detailed info about the best unit in this category.

Best Stiga Ping Pong Table of 2017

There are many brands producing Ping Pong Tables lately, and some of the popular ones include Joola, Stiga, Killerspin, and much more.

Best Stiga Ping Pong Table Stiga Advantage

Stiga has been a quality producer of the sports equipment, and for over 70 years they have been ruling the table tennis world. Our Top Recommendation among all the Stiga models is the Stiga Advantage Ping Pong Table. We will check out more about this unit below.


It would take about 10 minutes with the setup, and this Stiga Table can be arranged in three different positions. First one is the play position, second is the playback position, and finally the storage style. The first position is the normal way in which the table is arranged for two players. you can start with best rated Stiga ping pong table reviews to know everything. Even, Playback position is for the single player game; this is set up during practice sessions. And finally the storage positions, where the table is halved and folded up with the table surfaces facing each other.

You will get a silk screening done on the table surface, with the Dark Blue top. It includes one safety latch system and also features 3 inches casters with locks on it.


There is nothing to assemble much, as 95% of the unit comes with the pre-assembled components only. Here the net is of the tournament quality, and also the cost is pretty impressive too. High performance at a reasonable rate. For better convenience and storage, three lockable casters are also present on this.


There have been no issues reported for this table so far. And the reason is the quality unit production by the Stiga, and their co-operative and effective customer service. Though some issues related to the durability were reported. You can contact their service center, and get all the issues solved.


  • This table is a competition ready unit, and it can be set up at your home as well as in the office.
  • The assembly time is found to be 10 minutes.
  • It has got three lockable casters which add to the convenience and easy storage.
  • The nets can be easily disassembled and assembled back during the play time.


STIGA is a global company, and they have got partners spread in around 100 countries. This brand has been offering quality products since past 70 years. It is one of the Popular Ping Pong Table BrandsSTIGA believe in producing quality products for the consumers, and they mainly invest in research and development.

They have also signed one 7-years agreement with the Swedish Table Tennis Team! Super cool, isn’t it?

You can never go wrong with this Stiga Ping Pong Table, and we hope that you found all the answers to your doubts here. If there is some question left, then ask them out in the comment section below.

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