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After checking out all the modern High End Coffee Makers, you will find a great difference comparing it with your old coffee machines. These high end systems are designed for those who are willing to invest any amount of money because they only want the best flavourful coffee.

A few of the units come with laser-like focus which enhances the brewing quality. The more smart features, more expensive the coffee maker gets. Those who are seeking out to get the best coffee at their homes should get one of these. And undoubtedly, the added cost affects the flavor of the coffee.

Best High End Coffee Maker Review

We have got two recommendations in this category- the First one is the Technivorm Moccamaster unit, and secondly the OXO On Barista Brain Coffee Maker. We will provide a detailed review on how they made it on our list among the Best in the High End Coffee Makers.

#1 Technivorm Moccamaster 59163 KBG Coffee Maker

Technivorm Moccamaster is the producer of premium quality coffee makers and other grinder systems.

Technivorm Moccamaster 59163 KBG Coffee Maker

The industry is based in Netherlands, and almost all of their products are certified by the Speciality Coffee Associations of America & Europe. This product has also got the golden cup quality certification as well.

Product Description

Gerard C. Smit is the mastermind behind the production of this Technivorm product. You shouldn’t forget to read single serve coffee maker reviews by experts’ before purchasing anything. He believed in presenting some reliable and durable products for all the coffee lovers. For the past 50 years, he has succeeded in offering efficient and recyclable solutions to the users.

There are almost 16 shades available for this single unit, and so you could choose your favorite one among them. It has got one auto drip-stop basket, which comes along with the glass carafe unit. This machine is capable of brewing the complete carafe within 5 minutes! It is that fast!

Quick Highlights

  • Consistency temperature maintained
  • Certified by many of the well-known quality standards
  • Only if you purchase the system from an authorized seller, get a five years warranty on the unit
  • Informative customer service team and machine is built using durable components
  • BPA-free plastic used in the making

So these are some of the key features of this Technivorm Moccamaster Brewer system. Some unique coffee process is adopted in this which blends the coffee grounds perfectly to give you the best brewing experience.

#2 OXO On Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Maker

Good coffee is the right mixture of art and science. Art includes the way coffee flavors are extracted to the drink, and science includes the time, and temperature settings are done on the unit. After all the factors are set, you will end up with having an excellent coffee. This product replicates the pour-over method which is adopted in most of the major coffee shops.

OXO On Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Maker

Product Description

This coffee maker makes use of microprocessors to give precise results as per your time and temperature inputs. You just have to enter the number of cups, and the rest of the processing will be handled by the unit alone. If you wish to get the best kind of coffee using coffee grounds, then this unit is just made for you.

Other features found here include the single-serve feature, and you can also add a wakeup timer on this unit. After you have taken one sip of the coffee, you will know the real meaning of why it is called as a barista coffee.

Quick Highlights

  • Volume of the water is adjusted according to the number of cups required by the user
  • Temperature of the coffee is maintained throughout the processing
  • The Barista Brain monitors all the steps performed carefully, all thanks to the smart processors!
  • Rain showerheads provide water in such a manner that it falls evenly on the coffee grounds

This 9-cup coffee maker has got an intuitive LED interface in it and has also got a backlit display. Here the displays let the user know the status of the Coffee Maker, and there is one freshness indicator with it.

These are our recommendations for Best High-End Coffee Maker Review. Did you find the units amazing? Or have you used any of the two coffee machines reviewed? Share your experience with the system in the comment section, and other suggestions are also welcomed. For more updates, follow our page Salut per al Desenvolupament.