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So you have shifted into your new home recently. But the quality of the tap water is bothering you. If the water is hard, then you need to treat them asap to avoid its dire consequences. How can one easily recognize if the water is hard or not? There are many signs; we would like to list out the Quick 7 of them. Let’s begin!

7 Signs You May Have a Problem with Hard Water

Hard water can be handled easily, but you better not leave it unsolved for a long time. This will eventually damage your appliances, thus increasing your expenses.

Signs You May Have a Problem with Hard Water

So, how to know if the water is hard? What are the easy signs? Below seven indications will prove the hardness in water.

1. Detergent, when mixed with the water, is creating a cloudy solution. No foam formation.

This is the simplest test which you can try at home, for knowing if the water is hard or not. Take some sample of the water, add some soap solution into it. Then shake the solution for some time. If the water has become cloudy, then it means that the water is hard. Else if you get foams on the top of the water, then it means that the water is soft.

2. Are the pipes often clogged recently?

If you do not treat the hard water within some time, then it will start creating issues for you. All the mineral buildups will form a sticky layer on the pipes and other plumbing parts. Now this hinders all the fluid movements, and will eventually jam all the showerheads too.

Same will happen for the pipes as well, and in the end, you will have to contact a plumber for cleaning and running it back.

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3. Stains or Buildup visible on the home plumbing.

This is the easy identification of all, just look for a strong stain on plumbing units. For example, if you find iron rust kind of stains on the plumbing surface then they are the sure signs of hard water.

Are there any red stains on the porcelain materials? They are the clear signs of hard water – specifically; it’s because of the iron in the water.

4. Is your skin feeling a strange irritation? Do you feel any dryness after the bath?

Soap or detergent does not go well with the hard water. When you bath using the hard water, some of the soap particles are left behind. Even the mineral deposits on the skin can cause dryness. You may also get an itchy sensation. Continuous exposure to hard water can lead to skin diseases too.

5. Appliances are not lasting long as expected.

This is by far the most expensive issue which you can face with the hard water. It can damage almost any kind of appliance that makes use of water – from a small dishwasher to a system as large as a water heater can be affected.

All the mineral buildups can slow down the performance and make them less efficient. To solve this, carry out regular maintenance of the appliances.

6. Sudden decrease in the water pressure is another reason for the hard water.

Do you find any decrease in the flow of the water? You can relate this point to the second one discussed here. With the minerals getting accumulated, the interiors of the pipe gets clogged.

This makes it difficult for the water to pass through swiftly – which ends up with reducing the overall water pressure in the pipe. So if you face any similar situation lately, then do a check on the water quality at your place.

Water is having a strange smell or taste different

7. Water is having a strange smell or taste than usual.

Hard waters are safe on the drinking part since it contains many minerals in it. But, if you find any strange smell or any taste difference recently – then this could be a sign of hard water.

On the other hand, softened water is salty because of the sodium ions added into water. Well, taste difference in the water can be caused by several reasons. Hard water is just one among them.

There you go, folks! These are the 7 Quick Ways of knowing whether you got a problem of Hard Water at your place or not. What are your views on this article? Do you have anything to add to the above content? If yes, then write down your answers/comments in the space given below.

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