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Each and every task requires some skills. When we are talking about Woodworks, then there are some Awesome Woodworking Tips and Tricks which you must know. This is exactly what we are going to check out in this post.

5 Awesome Woodworking Tips and Tricks worth Knowing

Woodworking is the job of making and creating beautiful sculptures and other items using wood. This may sound simple at first, well it is not! This wood skill requires a lot of patience, concentration, skills and the right tools! We will help you with some tips and other tricks that you need to note before trying your hands on this Woody job. They are given as follows-

1) Get your hands on Cutting different materials.

You will come across different cutting tools including jigsaw, table saw, hand saw, and circular saw. Among these four, all the tools excluding the table saw are pretty cheap. These are the basic tools, so if you have mastered using them, then it would be half job done for you. Try to use as many primary tools as possible, rather than jumping to high-end devices.

Jigsaws- This is the good with all type of cutting tool, which can go well with almost all cutting jobs. With this, you can quickly make odd shapes and cuts, but it may not be much suitable for making straight cuts. Another advantage is that the blades used in this are cheap and interchangeable. So you can use the same tool for different operations.

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Circular saw- The heavy duty saw among all the saws present in the market. You can use this for doing straight cuts, but it won’t help you with making curves as it was seen in a jigsaw. If you are up with many wood projects, then you can go with this circular saw for the job.

Hand saw- You can go with the hand saw if you are not planning to do any straight cuts. They do not run on any power source so that it will require some of your muscle power for the cutting. The only drawback of this tool is that you will need different saws for different surfaces. For example, if you need to cut wood or any metal sheet then you will have to make some additional costs for the job.

These are the saws which you need to know in the first place. After you get known to all the three listed saws, it would be easy to get started with cutting basics.

drilling holes

2) Drilling holes

Drilling is something that you won’t be able to escape from any wood project. It is obvious that you will need to drill some holes at some point of time. Cordless drill remain a good option, and most recommended for all. This type of drill machine won’t burn a hole in your pockets too.

Well, drilling holes is easy to do a thing. Still, it requires some practice to get the correct precision in the drilling.

3) Know the right way of Sanding

After you are done with the cutting, you may find some uneven surface which needs to smoothen. This job of smoothening the surface is done using a Sander machine. You may have come across something called Sandpaper, which is a tough sheet with abrasive material on one end. Using this, you can smoothen any wooden or metal surface.

The same purpose is taken care of in a Sander machine, but on a high-scale compared to the sandpaper. Following are the Sander types:

Hand Sander

  • Hand Sander 

This is the basic sanding unit you will come across, though it is recommended for small sanding projects.

It comes with a plate and sander on the bottom part. If you are looking for a compact sanding solution which is cheap too, then you can go with this.

Belt Sander

  • Belt Sander

Belt Sanders comes with a belt which has got a sandpaper rolled on it.

This one is used for high ending finishing job, especially when you are dealing with a large surface. It is less recommended for all the beginners since they are used for heavy end projects.

Orbital Sander

  • Orbital Sander

This is something of the next level in the field of Sanding.

They have got a rotating disk and has a compact shape which makes it apt for all the tight space and other similar space. The orbital sander is the most advanced model of all the sanders in the market.

4) Identify the varieties of Screws, and know which one is used when?

Be it any surface or any wood project; you will come across a joining task. Screws help in better joining when compared it to the nails. We will list out the ordinary screws which you can use for your projects and a brief description on each. This way you could decide on which screw type you should opt for a particular job.

1. Wood Screws- It comes with a coarse pitch, and it helps with making solid connections when fixed on the wood. There are some parts which remain unthreaded, and it allows the screw head to be fixed firmly on to the surface. Know the correct depth and other measurements before getting the drill on.

2. Sheet metal screws- This type of screws are shorter in height compared to the wood screws. This is because sheet metals are not thick, and so they won’t require long screws for the fixations. Here the pitching is the fine one and is threaded upto the head portion.

3. Machine Screws- These screws come in varying shapes and sizes, but are stronger than other screw types. Even the pitches are found to be fine, and you will need a bolt or nut for securing this screw.

4. Drywall Screws- Final type is the drywall screws. They are long and thin in shape. Here the pitches are very coarse kind of, and they also have the unthreaded shank on it.

You will come across many other categories of screws, but these are the basic ones that you must know.


5) Painting the wooden surface

This comes at the end of all the work. You can paint the surface, and give your project an amazing finishing look to it. Not only does it work in increasing the aesthetic of the product but also protects them from all the unfavorable elements that may damage your work. Latex paint and the Oil-based paint are the two commonly used paints for the woods.

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These were our 5 Awesome Woodworking Tips and Tricks worth Knowing– which we wanted to share with you guys for a long time! Was this article helpful to get started with your woodworking? Let us know your feedback in the comment space given below. Follow our page for more updates from us.

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