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Serve like a Pro in Ping Pong – Service Fundamentals

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July 3, 2018

Who doesn’t wish to play any sport like a pro?

When it comes to Ping Pong, it’s not too mainstream like the football, so only a few people actually know the rules and skills for playing the game like a Pro. Also, this is not a rocket science, therefore, anyone can actually master it if proper attention and time are invested for the same.

Serve like a Pro in Ping Pong – Service Fundamentals

I got in touch with a professional Ping Pong player, and he mentioned the Serves just like all other players. Serving is that time of the game where you get the complete control of the game in your hands. This is the starting point of the game and something where you can actually plan how the rally has to go.

Serve like a Pro in Ping Pong

During the service, you could decide the Speed, direction and even the height of the ball. If you get your hands on the Serve, then you can handle all the opponent’s shots smoothly.

Following are the Tips on how to Serve the Ping Pong game like a Pro –

1. Holding the ball and Tossing it in the air

During the serve, the ball is placed on a flat hand in a way that your opponent could see the ball clearly. The ball is then tossed in the air at a height of 6 or more inches, and then hit with the paddle at an accurate time.

2. The Accuracy is a Must

This comes just after you toss the ball in the air. When the ball is still in the air, it’s the time when you decide the hitting time. Make an aim, and then hit the ball as it comes down near your ping pong paddle. Keep your contact strong with the ball, and check if you are moving at the right path just like required for hitting the ball.

3. Handle the Ping Pong Paddle nicely

Handle the Ping Pong Paddle nicely

Basically, there are two main forms of holding a ping pong paddle, one is the Handshake grip and the other one is the pen-hold grip. You need to hold the paddle rightly if you want to get the right shot you are planning to make.

4. Speed up the game in your way 

If you are slow on the footwork side, then it could cost you the game. Work on the footwork drills, and speed up your progress. It won’t happen overnight, but start off!

5. Placement of the ball

This needs to be checked while the game is on. We are talking about the placement of the ball, for both the players. You should know where the ball is actually going to hit on the table. Also, the same thing has to be considered from the other player’s side.

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6. Know your opponent well 

Know your opponent’s favorite moves, and the style of handling the ball. You can refer to the old videos, and better understand how he/she usually deals any shot.

8. Keep the practice on!

In the end, you know what I have got to say. Keep the game on, and practice out well.