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The proposal of the “Health for development” for debate and vote in the Parliament of Catalonia

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May 29, 2017

Tomorrow at 10 am will be held at the Committee for Cooperation and Solidarity of the Parliament of Catalonia debate and vote on the draft resolution on strengthening of health workers in developing country at the request of Pharmacists Mundi medicusmundi and Catalonia.

On September 16, members of the “Health for development” of NGOs pharmacists Mundi and medicusmundi Catalonia appeared before the Commission to present the results of the campaign and in particular the proposal to stop the deficit of health professionals to Southern countries. This proposal arises from the lack of more than 4 million health professionals around the world, so that basic health care accessible to the whole population.

According to the World Health Report 2006 the World Health Organization, the situation is particularly dramatic in the 57 poorest countries. This situation is caused by lack of funds in the field of health in these countries, structural adjustment policies which for years has promoted the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund, and for reasons that are also applicable to rich countries the balance as inadequate professional categories, the failure of national labor markets and the lack of congruence between the preparation in schools and health needs of the population, among others.

To mitigate this problem from the “Health for development” was requested to parliamentarians Catalan:

  • Devote 25% of Official Development Assistance to strengthening health human resources, following the recommendations of WHO in training and retention of human resources.
  • Support the development and implementation of comprehensive national strategies and plans HR in developing countries.
  • Oppose any measure the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund that involves hiring freeze and / or salaries of health workers in countries facing a shortage of human resources, as this would lead the march to other countries.
  • Refrain both the public and private sector, to implement active policies for recruitment originating in one of the 57 poorest countries.
  • Implementing the Code of Good Practice WHO, among other things, asks the Member States alone • quantification of existing human resources in the field of health, planning a few more and it needs a strategy training and “loyalty” of the staff already trained.
  • That there is coordination and cooperation among those responsible for health in order to take into account the needs of developing countries, providing effective and appropriate technical assistance, support for health personnel retention and training in countries of origin, transfer of knowledge and technology and promote circular migration mechanisms.

The parliamentary group Initiative for Catalonia Greens-United and Alternative Left filed a motion in relation to the proposal and groups of CiU and the Socialist Party of Catalonia have submitted amendments.

We hope you will discuss the amendments and that the vote of those do not miss the main objective of the proposal is to ensure sufficient human resources for health in developing countries, one of the pillars of any health system, to ensure assistance care for the entire population.